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What are the benefits of investing in Shop Front Lighting?

An effective and impacting shop front design can provide numerous benefits for your store.

Some of these benefits include; more customers due to attractive lighting and as a result, this can only lead to more sales for the business.

The lighting system can also boost product displays and best selling products.

Therefore, quality shop lighting can create an engaging atmosphere for clients and in turn, this can lead to better productivity and sales.

Lighting Supplies For Shop Fronts

Shop Front Lighting Suppliers Australia

Commercial lighting has fundamentally changed over the years and technical innovations in LED lighting offer unprecedented possibilities, e.g. in terms of architectural design, energy efficiency, lighting control, operation and maintenance cost. Quality, flexibility and efficiency are the necessary features of commercial lighting. However, different business sectors demand the right lighting solutions in each application.


Surface Mounted

Wall Mounted



Panels / Troffers

LED Flexible Strip

High Bay



LED Flex


The team at CIH Lighting have the expertise in Commercial lighting and we can identify the customers’ requirements based on their needs.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver a professional and quality result for your Shop front or Store. The type of lighting we suggest or recommend will ultimately depend on the customer’s requirements. With our expert advice, rest assured CIH Solar can exceed your expectations. Get in touch today!

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