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Lighting Tips & Benefits you should not miss

When it comes to furnishing your warehouse with factory lighting, the location plays a significant part in choosing the type and number of lights to use. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which factory lights will work best for your space and needs. Not every option will be ideal for your location.   With options for LED factory lighting and more, the proper lighting will increase visibility in the workplace, prevent injury of employees, and showcase your factory’s safety, cleanliness, and competence. Before you go to your local factory lighting supplier, consider the following points as you build an industrial lighting design for your space.


Make use of natural light.

The more natural light you use in any area, the less you will have to pay for artificial light. This rule also applies to industrial lighting, as many areas feature windows or direct sunshine. If you can use this natural light, you will not require as many fixtures running throughout the day to achieve the same level of illumination.

Choose high bays

Another important item to consider when selecting factory lighting is the ceiling height. The majority of locations have ceilings that exceed 18 feet in height. This ceiling style requires installing a high-performance fixture known as a high bay to ensure adequate light distribution and power. There are a variety of high bay solutions available in the market today that will fit your location, just consult a factory lighting supplier near you.

Invest in shatterproof fixtures

Shatterproof light fixtures are a wise choice depending on the type of factory you operate. If you are working with gases, high heat temperatures, or other sensitive elements, a shattered light fixture can quickly become a hazard and probable accident. By using shatterproof fixtures and bulbs, you may altogether avoid this issue. 

Opt for vapor-tight and waterproof.

Even if you are not working in an area where moisture is an issue, a vapor-tight, waterproof fixture is an excellent investment for the life of your lighting plan. This sort of fixture will last longer, which is essential in a location where productivity can be affected by things like a broken overhead light.

Consider LED

While metal halide has long been the standard for factory lighting, LED is catching up swiftly.  Efficient illumination,  longer life, and produces less heat are some of the major LED factory lighting benefits. Best of all, it saves money on utilities each month and results in longer bulb life.


When you are planning to design a new lighting plan or just want to improve your existing plan, consider these factory lighting tips and you will never go wrong.